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A NEW YEAR is Dawning in Ethiopia... Along With Plans to Open a NEW MEDICAL CLINIC in Addisu Gebeya

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Although many regions of Ethiopia are experiencing devastating loss, unspeakable tragedies and unimaginable hardships due to ongoing political conflicts and fighting within the country-- most Ethiopians are filled with unwavering faith, and inner hope for a new beginning as they prepare to welcome a New Year on Saturday, 09/11/2021.

Our prayer and heart-felt desire at Lighthouse of Ethiopia is for ALL Ethiopians to experience God's mighty hand of mercy, strength, grace, goodness, provision and divine protection in their lives. In conjunction with the dawning of this New Year holiday in Ethiopia, we have some very EXCITING NEWS and a LIGHTHOUSE UPDATE to share.

In our charity partnership, Lighthouse of Ethiopia and the Board of Directors team at Light House Ethiopia Medical (LHEM) , have decided to move forward with plans to open a new (12) room Medium Medical Clinic in Addisu Gebeya! LHEM has been hard at work these past several months, diligently searching locations in which to open a clinic around the capital city of Addis Ababa.

We've been praying to find a suitable medical clinic site and affordable existing building facility, able to meet local government health standards and stringent clinic requirements for operation.


It was inspected this week by the Ethiopian Food, Medicine and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority, and is conditionally approved for use. LHEM is finalizing repairs and a lease agreement now, and we are SO grateful to God ( and the owners of this building) for this tremendous gift and opportunity to open the very first LHEM Medium Clinic during the beginning of this New Year!

Due to mandated travel restrictions in Ethiopia, caused by fighting within Tigray, and now within surrounding areas of the Amhara region -- we have had to temporarily postpone our plans for opening a health center in the rural region of Mekane Eyesus. With God's help and timing, our plans for developing a future clinic in Mekane Eyesus will resume at a later date.

The existing Civil Society Organization, Light House Ethiopia Medical (LHEM), is managed by a highly skilled team of Ethiopian Physicians, Nurses and Public Health Administrators. We are partnering together in our mission work efforts, seeking to provide quality, holistic health and medical care services to citizens of all ages and income levels.

LHEM plans to donate back a percentage of all monthly funds received from paying patients at their health clinic facility in Addisu Gebeya (and also within future LHEM clinic sites), in order to better serve the Ethiopian community healthcare needs. Their staff will provide FREE and charitable medical, surgical and/or prescription services or direct funds from the clinic's monthly income generated, in order to offer quality healthcare to the country's most ill and poverty stricken patients.

LHEM clinics are NOT operating for profit, but with the mission to become self-sustainable in order to give back charitable health services and medications to people in Ethiopia.

WE NEED YOUR COLLECTIVE HELP AND SUPPORT, and are calling out for the LORD to miraculously "fill our nets..." just as He did in Luke 5 for the fisherman and disciple, Simon Peter. We are casting our nets upon the water, with a special request to receive financial support from our Ethiopian brothers and sisters within the diaspora community. We also are calling upon others we know, who are able to donate a GIFT OF ANY SIZE.

We have already raised funding through the generosity of past donors, which will be utilized as beginning capital to establish the first LHEM medical clinic. This initial starting capital will be returned by LHEM in full through their provision of FREE healthcare services to poor patients, who can't otherwise afford treatment or medications. We still have a substantial need for donations to help buy a CBC machine for use in the LHEM clinic on site laboratory.

Fundraising is never an easy task! No one likes being asked to donate money-- yet, it's an important opportunity we are given by God to help serve and show our love and support to others in need. After all... God is the One who provides all we have, so it's a true privilege to give back a portion of what He has given us, in order to help serve and care for the poor in our world.

If you are able to support our non-profit mission work today, please know your donation will be used to purchase much needed medical equipment and supplies for the Light House Ethiopia Medical clinic in Addisu Gebeya, Ethiopia. All donations made in the USA are fully tax-deductible, under IRS Code: Section 501(c) (3).

A ProForma List was created recently by a LHEM board member, which details all initial medical equipment, healthcare and furnishing supplies needed for the clinic laboratory, patient examination and procedure rooms, reception and waiting room, as well as for the staff office and restrooms. The cost for these ProForma items is approximately $24,000.00.

As the saying goes: "IT TAKES TEAMWORK TO MAKE THE DREAM WORK." Thank you for being a vital part of our Light House Team. Your prayers and financial support mean so much, not just to us-- but to the many lives we are seeking to serve and save each day in our mission field.


You can make a one time tax-deductible donation on-line via Paypal (or sign-up to become a monthly donor) by visiting our website at:

You can make a tax-deductible donation via VENMO.

Our username is: @Lighthouse-of-Ethiopia

You can mail a tax-deductible check, made payable to: LIGHTHOUSE OF ETHIOPIA , and send it to:

773 Vermont Street

San Francisco, CA 94107

If you would like to make a tax-deductible transfer of funds directly into our USA based LIGHTHOUSE OF ETHIOPIA business account with South State Bank, the Routing # is: 053200983. The checking account # is: 8010000875716.

If you have new or quality used medical equipment available, or unexpired healthcare supplies to donate - we would definitely love to speak with you. You can call our USA office at (800) 422-0980. You can also reach Dr. Zelalem Yirga in Ethiopia at: +251 91 372 6877.

Another easy way to support our charity work when shopping on-line at AmazonSmile, is to select our organization's name (LIGHTHOUSE OF ETHIOPIA) from their list of available charities.

Don't spread germs... but please do help


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